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 I'm sorry to say this to you guys.

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PostSubject: I'm sorry to say this to you guys.   Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:37 pm

But this must be the most unserious forum i have ever been on. I don't say this to make you guys to join MY forum, just to tell you that there is alot of people that just walk trough and leave, becouse its too unserious.

I just want to help and this is my way to do it.

    Start to try spell correctly, i didnt even read 20% of what you have written becouse i couldnt understand what it said. (It dont have to be 100% accurate though).
    Dont just make 1 000 000 posts when noone even reads 50% of them, since there is no one that will EVER read all of them.
    I have seen that you have quite alot of members though, thats good, but try to make it a little more serious, i think that would make alot of new members to this forum.

Just remember, I just try to be nice.

Thanks for my time, i will try to check if i have got any replys on this post from time to time.
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I'm sorry to say this to you guys.
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